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Did you know Mein Kampf – the philosophical autobiography, was written by Adolf Hitler in jail?

Adolf Hitler in prison

Mein Kampf – the philosophical autobiography of Hitler is known to many. The book talked about Hitler’s plan of a Third Reich and gave a lucid account of the nightmare that was in the making at that time. It was this nightmare that later (from 1939 to 1945) engulfed Europe. However, not many know that Mein Kampf was written by Hitler in prison.

During the early 1920s, Hitler’s Nazi Party had a rapidly rising number of angry Germans who supported and sympathized with the party’s severe disgust of Germany’s leftist politics, democratic government, and the Jews.

Throughout 1923, Germany was reeling under a political and economic crisis. To overthrow the German government that start paying war reparations to France and Britain again, a military takeover of Bavaria was thought to be a good option by both the Nazi Party as well as some other nationalists. As a result, the Nazis attempted a military coup in November 1923, which is known as the “Beer Hall Putsch.”

This was an armed takeover of Bavaria with the aim of overthrowing the German government. It was Hitler’s hope that this nationalist revolution would spread to the disgruntled German army. This in turn would make the government in Berlin fall. But unfortunately for Hitler, the coup was suppressed right away, as some of his allies switched sides while some others were captured by the authorities. Hitler was arrested and put on trial after being charged with treason. But thanks to a sympathetic judge, the entire Hitler trial was somewhat of a farce. He was served a mere 5-year prison sentence, out of which he served only nine months, after which he was released.

It was during this 9-month prison term in Landsberg when Hitler began work on his autobiographical tome. It was a cushy time for Hitler in prison, where he was hailed as a cult hero, and allowed to have guests. According to historical documents, Hitler in jail had a wing on the prison’s second floor where he feasted on cakes, sausages, ham, wine, and chocolates. All these go on to show what a leisurely time his prison stay was. Perhaps this made Hitler decide that he would put it to good use. And this paved way for the book that Hitler penned while in prison. In reality, he didn’t put pen to paper though and instead started dictating Volume One – A Reckoning, of Mein Kampf to Rudolph Hess, who was a fellow revolutionary and a devoted member of the Nazi Party. A Reckoning was published seven months after Hitler was released from prison.


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