The Great Dictator (1940) Movie

Nathan Ganapathi April 1, 2019

The Great Dictator review - The secret ingredient that made the Charles Chaplin satirical comedy film a box-office success

Charles Chaplin had a little resemblance with Hitler, primarily due to his toothbrush moustache that the Führer too sported. Chaplin leveraged this resemblance when he directed The Great Dictator. Released in 1940, it was the highest-g . . .

Are nationalism and patriotism different?

Nathan Ganapathi March 25, 2019

Hitler to Donald Trump - Why the debate on the difference between nationalism and patriotism keeps continuing?

Nationalism isn’t patriotism though many may mistakenly believe both to be the same. The debate on the difference between nationalism and patriotism came to the forefront once again when a few months back, President Trump called himself a nationa . . .

Know about Adolf Hitler’s wife

Nathan Ganapathi March 18, 2019

Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun - Did you know who she was and what happened to her?


On February 6, 1912 in Simbach (Germany), Eva Braun was born to Friedrich Braun and Franziska Kronberger. She was the middle of three siblings. Nobody knew that one day, she would become Hitler's wife.

She was a teenage shop assistant in the studio of Heinrich . . .

Stories of Holocaust survivors

Nathan Ganapathi March 11, 2019

Two Holocaust survivors and their stories to make you comprehend what coming back from the dead truly means

Holocaust survivors and their stories may seem unreal to some but they are a bitter historical truth. We bring you two stories of Holocaust survivors to give you a glimpse of the nightmare they and scores of others went through. Edith Fox (then Edith . . .

Know about Adolf Hitler’s childhood

Nathan Ganapathi March 4, 2019

Want to know what was Hitler's early childhood and family like? Here are some intriguing and interesting facts

The world knows Hitler as a tyrant. Yet, Hitler’s childhood showed no signs of what the man would later became. Adolf Hitler was born to Alois and Clara on the 20th of April, 1889 in Braunau am Inn – a small town in Upper Austria on . . .

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