Award-Winning Holocaust Movies That Talk about Holocaust

Nathan Ganapathi December 17, 2018

Top holocaust movies and why you should watch them

One of the most documented tragic events in history is the Holocaust that claimed the lives of two out of every three Jews as part of the German’s “sacrifice by fire.” For many, this became a reminder of the worst kind of human intentions. Due to its great impact to the world, a number of Holocaust mo . . .

Holocaust: Hitler’s Answer to the Jewish Question

Nathan Ganapathi November 8, 2018

Holocaust: Hitler’s Answer to the Jewish Question

Hitler’s View


In Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, he explained why he viewed Jews negatively and why the Holocaust was necessary. In his political manifesto, Hitler (wrongly) saw the Jews as the main reason for the failures of the socialists, Bolsheviks, and Germany during . . .

The Fate of Jews

Nathan Ganapathi October 31, 2018

A forceful speech prompted the cold-blooded holocaust

Before the vicious holocaust that eliminated thousands of Jews, the Jewish population in Europe was over nine million. This was way back in 1933. However, in 1945, the Nazi Germans, together with their collaborators, set action to annihilate European Jews as part of the Final Solution. A powerful speech . . .

The Vague Regime of Fascism

Nathan Ganapathi October 24, 2018

Fascism vs Communism and Democracy

Since it was founded as a political ideology in the early twentieth century by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, nobody—even experts—can clearly define what fascism really means. The system is so complex that even major Fascist states differ from one another in terms of philosophy and structure. And it has several . . .

Get to Know Hitler

LitFire Publishing October 16, 2018

Who was the man who caused the World War II?

Only few leaders in history can rival the likes of Adolf Hitler, driven by his intense love of his own interests and hate for interests outside of his own. He was anti-Semitic, an effective orator, a dictator, and a leader who unified Germany through all the wrong intentions. It’s amazing how Hitler manage to i . . .

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