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Who was the man who caused the World War II?


Only few leaders in history can rival the likes of Adolf Hitler, driven by his intense love of his own interests and hate for interests outside of his own. He was anti-Semitic, an effective orator, a dictator, and a leader who unified Germany through all the wrong intentions. It’s amazing how Hitler manage to intensify his propaganda and caused the second world war to erupt.

Was he a son of a royalty? Did he achieve the highest educational attainment? Was he rich? Was he a great strategist?

Interestingly, the answer to all these questions is no. None of these characteristics fit the so-called great Fuhrer.

Then who is Adolf Hitler, and how did he lead a powerful nation to its shameful doom? The following narrative reveals Hitler’s family, career, popularity, and death.

Germany’s greatest and worst dictator was not born German. Hitler came from the neighboring country, Austria. He was born fourth of six children on April 20, 1889 to a financially stable family. Life seemed normal for the Hitler family except when Adolf is constantly targeted by his father’s emotional shortcomings.

Hitler was rejected twice at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Adolf’s younger brother’s death followed by his father’s demise maneuvered the Hitler family’s life into the worst of situations. Unable to support his studies, Hitler dropped out of school at age sixteen. But it did not stop him from pursuing his dream of being a painter. He applied in Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice, in both attempts to no avail. After the death of his beloved mother, he was left orphaned with nowhere to go but in the streets, selling his paintings to survive.

He fought in several significant battles of Europe. Hitler decided to leave Austria and its pro-ethnic laws and offered his loyalty to Germany instead. He moved to Munich and there he started his career. The eruption of the First World War provided opportunity for him to prove his worth and climb up the ladder toward significance. He joined the German army though he was still an Austrian. Through his participation in the bloodiest battles in war history including the battle of Somme, he was acknowledged and awarded the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge. He remained in the barracks for the next few years.

He was a great orator. Germany’s surrender, the Treaty of Versailles, and the stipulation that Germany embraced the blame for starting the war had Hitler burned with passion to seek out the restoration of German patriotism. With his vision to unite Europe and be the powerhouse of the world, he joined the German Workers’ Party (renamed as the Nazi Party), a far-right group who support his views. It was there that his superior oratory skills helped him reach the top of the ladder. From that point on, his persuasive speeches coupled by the increase in unemployment, quickly gained him favor as he earned many supporters along the way. Fueled by his words, Germany and its allies went on to start the second world war.

Hitler was a natural politician but a full-pledged racist, impatient, and self-glorifying leader. He regarded other’s opinions as inferior and ineffective compared to his own. He was sure an idealist, but he was not a great strategist. This weakness of his caused a great impact to the downfall of his empire. But it took at least 11 million people to make him realize his greatest mistake. With the allied powers closing in Germany, Hitler decided to take his own life and let his dreams die with him on April 30, 1945, the day after he wed Eva Braun.

It was mainly Hitler’s own doing that World War II took place, and it was his undoing that it ended. To know more on how he succeeded to persuade Germany into going to war, read Hitler’s Greatest Speeches. Buy it at leading online bookstores. You can also follow me through my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads accounts, and get regular updates on my blog.


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