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Are there any living descendants of Adolf Hitler – a curious question that many often ponder on


Know about Adolf Hitler descendants

Are there any living descendants of Adolf Hitler?” – This is a common question that many often think about. Adolf Hitler was married for a mere 45 minutes before he committed suicide, while Paula – his sister, never married. This made many think that since Hitler’s family is non-existent, the infamous bloodline has ended. But it was discovered that five Adolf Hitler descendants are still alive. However, all living descendants of Adolf Hitler have decided to make sure the infamous bloodline ends with their lives.

Before Alois – Adolf’s father, married his mother Klara, he had been married to Franni with whom he had two children – Angela and Alois Jr. Alois Jr. – Hitler’s half-brother, had two children – Heinrich and William. After marriage, Angela had three children – Geli, Leo, and Elfriede. Geli committed suicide driven by her potentially-improper relation with her half-uncle, Hitler. Both Elfriede and Leo got married and had children – Heiner Hochegge and Peter Raubal respectively. Both Peter and Heiner, who live in Austria, have never married. They neither have any children, nor plan to have one.

Alois Hitler Jr. had a son – William Patrick Hitler, who was born in Liverpool (UK) in 1911.  William left the UK and came to Germany as Adolf Hitler rose to become Germany’s chancellor. In 1935, William was unhappy with his job as a banker in Berlin. As his uncle (Adolf Hitler) shunned him, he moved to the US with his family and enlisted in the US Navy. He went on to serve in the Navy during the Second World War. In 1946, William moved to Long Island with his family and changed his name to Hiller, presumably to shed ties with the most despised former name.

He later changed it again to Stuart-Houston though the reasons aren’t known for such a change. William had four sons – Alexander, Louis, Brian, and Howard. In 1989, Howard was killed in a car accident. The rest three Stuart-Houston brothers are still alive, and live in Patchogue on Long Island. None of them have married or have any children. Like their Austrian cousins, these Adolf Hitler descendants too have decided to ensure that the infamous bloodline gets stamped out with their death.


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