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Want to know what was Hitler’s early childhood and family like? Here are some intriguing and interesting facts

Know about Adolf Hitler's childhood

The world knows Hitler as a tyrant. Yet, Hitler’s childhood showed no signs of what the man would later became. Adolf Hitler was born to Alois and Clara on the 20th of April, 1889 in Braunau am Inn – a small town in Upper Austria on the German-Austrian border. Alois was a state customs official and provided the family with a financially comfortable life.

Hitler’s early childhood had plenty of unrestrained, carefree days. But a big change came in Hitler’s childhood when he was six. It was in 1895 when Hitler started his primary school life. This was also the year when his father retired from the Austrian civil service on a pension. Staying under the watchful eyes of his teachers (at school) and his father (at home) robbed young Hitler of much of his merriment. The situation at home was tougher since his father had a temper, was conceited, had a general bad attitude, and often took his problems out on Hitler and his siblings. Since he had worked his up when he was serving in the civil service ranks, he developed the habit of giving orders and getting them obeyed. After his retirement, Alois expected the same from his children. Unfortunately, young Hitler was often on the wrong side of his father’s terrible temper. This made Hitler’s childhood life during this period somewhat miserable. But at school, he was a popular and clever child.

The family moved to Linz – Upper Austria’s capital, in 1898. Hitler didn’t want to become a civil servant (by following in his father’s career) and started struggling in secondary school. When combing through some interesting facts about Hitler’s childhood, experts found that around this time, he withdrew himself psychologically, and showed a preference toward recreating battles from the Boer War rather than concentrate on his study. When he was 16, Hitler left school with no qualification.

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