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Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun – Did you know who she was and what happened to her?


Know about Adolf Hitler's wife

On February 6, 1912 in Simbach (Germany), Eva Braun was born to Friedrich Braun and Franziska Kronberger. She was the middle of three siblings. Nobody knew that one day, she would become Hitler’s wife.

She was a teenage shop assistant in the studio of Heinrich Hoffmann – Hitler’s personal photographer. It was here that she met Hitler one day (in 1929 or 1930 according to conflicting Eva Braun facts). Hitler was a famous politician in Munich by then. She adored him immediately. He too was eyeing her, if what she told her sister is to be believed. When recalling the incident while telling it to her sister, she remembered Hitler as a man of an uncertain age with light-colored skin and a funny moustache, who had a big felt hat in his hand and wore an English-style overcoat.

The immediate connection that both felt the first day soon turned into a relationship though Eva was always kept hidden from the public. Despite her father’s opposition, Eva Braun soon became Hitler’s mistress and started living in a Munich-based house that he provided. However, the relationship between the two was strained as Hitler didn’t spend a lot of time with her, and the loneliness as well as the semi-concealment was difficult for her to bear. Perhaps these things drove her to make two suicide attempts during their early years of the relationship. Some say she was a schemer and resorted to eroticism to keep Hitler to herself, while others say their relationship was normal where she provided him with relaxation and domestic pleasures.

In 1936, Eva went to live at Hitler’s country retreat in Berchtesgaden. Her life there was mostly reclusive, except for when Hitler and his entourage visited the place. Though Hitler didn’t marry her, he found great comfort in her company and in his inner circles, she was considered as good as Hitler’s wife.

In 1945, she moved to the Berlin bunker to stay with Hitler. Hitler married her on April 30, but soon, both of them committed suicide. Thus, the story of Hitler’s wife Eva Braun came to an end. According to the orders Hitler had left, both their bodies were cremated.


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