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Two Holocaust survivors and their stories to make you comprehend what coming back from the dead truly means

Stories of Holocaust survivors

Holocaust survivors and their stories may seem unreal to some but they are a bitter historical truth. We bring you two stories of Holocaust survivors to give you a glimpse of the nightmare they and scores of others went through. Edith Fox (then Edith Weingarten) was a 13-year old girl when the Second World War started. She lived with her parents and four brothers in Teplice, Czechoslovakia (before 1948, it was called Teplice-Šanov). Two of her brothers got drafted into the Czech military. The rest three together with Edith and their parents were taken to Poland by the Nazis in 1941. After killing her mother right in front of her, the Nazis separated the men and women, and Edith never saw her father and brothers again.

She and her friend were taken to the ghetto in Stanislau (Poland), where they survived a bunker massacre by climbing into a chimney and hiding there for 2-3 days. From there, they tried reaching the Czech border with Hungary but Leah died and Edith was captured and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. She worked there for three years and saw many terrible things – from people getting killed after being sent to take a shower, to those running into the electrified fences to die. As the war came to end, she was packed off in a train, but she jumped and escaped, and was again caught by a Nazi soldier and sent to Theresienstadt camp. From January to May, she stayed there in a tiny cell that just had the floor, a toilet, and little windows. On May 8, the Russians liberated her. Edith decided to come forward as a survivor of the Holocaust stories after she found people were denying that Holocaust ever took place!

Cipora Feivlovich is 92 today and one of the Holocaust survivors. She was a teenager when her family was captured by the Nazis in 1944. She stayed in a Hungarian ghetto, followed by Auschwitz. From being stripped naked and hosed down with freezing water to marching outside naked in the shivering cold, to seeing hordes of Jews being sent straight to the crematorium to die, she experienced and saw many terrible things. Her Holocaust survivor stories in concentration camps even include how she and other prisoners were made to drink poisoned soup from a barrel, which aimed to kill them slowly and stop them from reproducing.

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